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County MOU and State Requirement Downloads

Directions: Please read the County MOU Instructions before downloading any MOUs. _____County MOU Instructions______

Click on the link to the right to browse for your required MOUs __MOUs__

For L2 SUBMITTERS, Click on the link to the right to browse for required State Requirements __State Requirements__

For eREET SUBMITTERS (Real Estate Excise Tax) - Click on the link to the right to browse for your required MOUs __eReet__

iRecord Download

New iRecord certificate: If directed, please download and install this certificate. _____NEW iRecord Certificate______

eRecord Quickstart Solutions

Directions: Please delete the AutomaticUpdater.deploy file before copying the new automaticupdater.exe into your smartclient directory. Please note this update requires .NET 2.0 located below. _____NEW AutomaticUpdater.EXE______

Download the following Microsoft components before installing the Ingeo eRecord Client.

.NET Framework 2.0
MSXML 4 Service Pack 2

General Ingeo Related Quickstart Solutions

ePrepare Signing Certificate Validation Update. (Error Message: "The document failed validity testing")

Directions: Download and Extract IGClientSign.dll from Zip file below. Copy and paste into your C:\Program Files\IGSign directory.

Signing Update

In order to properly use some of Ingeo's applications you maybe instructed to download the Proxy Cert Tool.


In order to operate effectively within Ingeo's secured networks, you must download and install the Root Certificate from Ingeo's Root Certificate Authority. Please click on the following link to attaining the certificate.


Other downloads - LOGIN
You will need the password in access the file. Contact an Ingeo Representative.